Loading is a feature that you can use to display an overlay with a spinner on top of your App’s content to inform the user that a background operation is taking place. No need to add complex logic within your Pages for global background operations.

Basic Usage

Loading uses a delay (500ms) to display itself so that quick operations won’t make the screen flicker. This happens by showing and then quickly hiding the progress spinner without the user having a chance to see what happens. The delay before showing it eliminates confusion.

The default spinner used is tail for Material Design theme and ‘ios’ for iOS one. Read more about Spinners here.

Show Loading

import { Loading } from 'quasar'
// default options
// with a custom delay
delay: 300 // milliseconds
// customizable
message: 'Some message',
messageColor: '#00ff00',
spinner: 'dots',
spinnerSize: 250, // in pixels
spinnerColor: '#f034a3'

Hide Loading

import { Loading } from 'quasar'

Check Status

Checking whether the Loading is active is easy:

import { Loading } from 'quasar'
(Boolean) Loading.isActive()


There is one event triggered when showing or hiding Loading: app:loading. It is triggered with one Boolean parameter which is true when Loading is shown and false otherwise.

See Quasar Events API for more details.