Quasar Buttons are of two shapes: rectangle (regular) and circular. They come in three sizes: small, medium (default) and big. As for the colors, use the ones from Quasar CSS Color Palette. There are some more CSS classes that you can use to enhance the appearance of a button.

For circular buttons only use icons as content.

Basic Usage

<!-- Regular shaped -->
<button class="primary" @click="clickMethod()">
Button Label
<!-- Circular shaped; only use icon as content -->
<button class="primary circular">

When adding an icon to a regular button, use on-left or on-right CSS classes:

<button class="primary">
<i class="on-left">mail</i> Button Label
<button class="teal">
Button Label <i class="on-right">mail</i>

Button Sizes

Use small or big CSS classes. You don’t need to specify medium because that’s the default size.

<button class="primary small">
Small Button
<button class="primary big">
Big Button

Button Colors

Use the ones from Quasar CSS Color Palette. Examples: primary, orange, lime.

<button class="primary">Primary Button</button>
<button class="amber">Amber Button</button>

More Button CSS Classes

There are also the raised, clear, outline, push, bordered, round and glossy CSS classes that you can use.

Make use of globally available disabled, block (sets CSS display property to block) or full-width.

Progress Buttons

There’s also a type of button that has its own Quasar Component named <q-progress-button>. Check documentation here.